About us



Derived from the sanskrit word "Ojas" is the pleasant energy or aura that is radiated from a healthy mind and body.


Oziss by Ekhom Studios is dedicated to helping mindful folks, build an ethical wardrobe.

Founded by Siddhant Yadav, a second generation in a family with roots in clothing and Indian textiles, with 37 years of experience in the industry. Our values of ethical treatment does not come from a place of "fitting in" or using industry buzz words to stay relevant but from actually living the realities of once being factory workers ourselves.

Graduating from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Siddhant was presented with awards like Best Design Collection and the Most Innovative Design Collection for his work, that revolved around developing Sustainable textiles from industrial offshoot threads, filaments and cut-aways to create circular and modular clothing system.

He has worked with some of India's largest export houses like Shahi, legendary designers like Manish Arora and brands like Swarovski on various national and international projects before starting Oziss. Siddhant has always had a keen interest in understanding the technicalities of fashion production and to explore alternative scalable solutions to large problems like Pollyester pollution and the Carbon profiling.

That's why, when we once started to search for simple everyday clothing that stood by our collective beliefs, was environmentally responsible and didn't cost 3x the price of a decent product, we were in for a spin! Coming from background of over 3 decades, it quickly became apparent that there was a price inefficiency in the marketplace, but a strong desire for sustainable products that could compete with fast fashion at "somewhat" similar prices. 

Giving it more thought, we slowly started to realise that true 'sustainability' in a larger sense of the word, will not really be achieved if the actual solutions are not approachable to a larger section of our population.

This lead us to a two year long research, studies & experimentations that slowly evolved in the brand in front of you right now. From developing custom fabric blends to fostering a network of relationships with largest exporters for their waste fabrics to even, specially customising paper for our shipping boxes, we have geeked out on EVERY little detail that goes into making-using-disposing our products!

We're far from where we ideally aspire to be but we'll get there, together, with you. Progress over perfection, right? The road ahead wont be easy, but we guess things worth doing hardly ever are.