Giving Back

Giving Back

Oziss is more than a clothing brand. We're a movement to establish better normals and make the world a kinder and healthier place to be.


We believe every choice made in consideration of animals, the environment, and our fellow humans makes a positive impact. You can feel great wearing our clothes knowing those values guide everything we do.

Our Giving Back Projects are one of the most important ways we’re living our values.


At Oziss we follow a triple-bottom-line approach to choose our projects. i.e : Animals People, Planet. 


When you shop with us, you directly support :


1) Tree Plantation and ecological revival Project, Tamil Nadu.



This environmental initiative of Isha Outreach. Launched in 2019, Cauvery Calling is a massive tree planting movement that aims to increase the green cover in the state of Tamil Nadu by inspiring and enabling people to plant trees. The project supports ecological renewal and protection through tree plantation and natural farming


Some impacts and approach :

  • Helps farmers plant tree on their own land (not public spaces- like other tree planting programs). This lets farmer benefit directly from the trees they plant.

  • Helps educate and transition farmers towards organic methods of farming and facilitates a switch to agro-forestry + mixed-crop farming methods.

  • Mission to combat climate change with ecological replenishment to revive the carbon content of the soil and the water levels of the river Cauvery.

  • farmers earned 5-8 times better incomes.

  • outreach programs in schools and organisations to build a more conscious community.



2) Wind Energy Project, Madhya Pradesh.



This is a 100.5 MW wind power project located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, promoted by Orange Renewables. This project has played an important role in mitigating the CO2 emissions of our clothing. Annually, it generates clean energy which is equivalent of powering 42,000 households every year. Our investments in clean energy are made to ensure more such projects receive love and support from people like us. This enables them to further expand and develop more such operations.

Some impacts and approach :

  • Providing clean energy

  • Enhancing the quality of Education

  • Augmenting medical and health care facilities

  • Women Empowerment

  • Potable water supply infrastructure


3) Animal Rescuing Efforts, Udaipur.



We know we're not supposed to play favourites but this one have our heart ! Incredible rescues, heartwarming recoveries, families reunited, watching the success stories from Animal Aid Unlimited gives us hope and a deep sense of pride. Their work is divided in 7 main programmes: Rescue & Hospital, Spay & Neuter, Street Treatment, Sanctuary, First Aid Training, Outreach & Education and Laws & Cruelty Response. Their community outreach and an educational approach to build a more compassionate community resonates with us big time !

Some impacts and approach :

  • Admitted between 20 and 30 animals each day, a total of almost 7,000 animals over the year.

  • Their Dog Hospital treated between 170 and 270 dogs on any given day

  • Their Large Animals Hospital treated between 60 and 80 bulls and cows and 5 and 15 donkeys on any given day

  • Their Puppy hospital treated between 60 and 140 puppies on any given day.

  • Encourages the community to participate in treatments

  • They provide a forever-home to disabled and special-needs animals who would not be able to access food on the street or flee from traffic



At Oziss, the projects we support are also in alignment to the Global Goals stated by U.N for a sustainable future. Some of the largest areas in which any purchase made at Oziss contributes are :