Our Materials

Our Materials


The most important thing we have

ever made is a choice.

To do what's right.


Did you know that more than 67% of all clothing is made out of Polyester fibers?And polyester is nothing but PLASTIC! Yes! In efforts to make clothing cheaper and faster we kinda lost our way. Oil based synthetics and polyester materials are not only unsustainable to produce but also unsustainable to wash! These fabrics releases millions of micro-plastics into the water bodies every time we wash them.

Climate change is here – and it’s accelerating. Over 100 billion products are being pumped out of factories every year and many of those products are made from synthetic materials that frankly take hundreds of years to biodegrade. But we don’t have hundreds of years to address climate change.

This called up for our mission to put sustainability at our core and build not just our clothing but every decision around it. With every sustainability-minded decision, we lessen our impact on the environment everyday, in each piece of clothing we create and deliver.



We Believe that true sustainability cannot be a class deaf message any longer. We need more practical & explore scalable solutions that people can easily switch to. Climate +ve cotton is our cotton for which we have measured and mitigate the global warming impacts of growing the cotton by investing in biodiversity projects that take out more carbon out of the air than introduced in growing the cotton!


Sustainability isn’t a trendy marketing word for us. It is the non-negotiable foundation for our business. We operate in a sustainable, responsible manner by embracing digital printing solutions that are inherently more environmentally-friendly than both traditional and other digital printing methods in the industry.


We work hard to embrace the latest innovations in order to continuously improve the sustainability levels of our solutions that meet the highest sustainability standards with zero wastewater and a low carbon footprint.


This was a tricky one for us, for so many reasons! We'd like to share some of our key findings :


The issue with packaging is not a footprint issue, its an issue of responsible disposal. The so called "compostable and bio-degradable" labeled plastics come with secret tradeoffs. What's compostable, might just compost in an industrial process and the one's that are bio-degradable might just not be recyclable ! 


Recyclable, Bio-Degradable or compostable. All plastic have another side to them. They reach water bodies and worse, animal bodies. And this nailed it for us, after considering this, there was no going back to considering any kind of plastics.


All our packaging is hence made out of recycled kraft paper that can easily be reused a number of times before being recycled back into the loop! It's completely untreated with any bleach or plastic laminations that prepares it for every scenario and makes it the best choice for starting our mindful journey together :D